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Why Choose the Ann Chang Music Studio?

We’re the best way for you to become a complete musician.

In many cases, students wish to transfer studios because they have outgrown their current teacher or studio and wish to learn more or become a professional. Here at the Ann Chang Music Studio, you can get private, 1-on-1 piano lessons from a classics specialist and have the opportunity to get professional-level and highly sought-after college and career consultation.

The Ann Chang Music Studio Difference


Private 1-on-1 Piano Lessons from a Classics Specialist

At the Ann Chang Music Studio, you’ll take piano lessons from a Fulbright Scholar, appointed by the U.S. State Department, who specializes in Classic Performance Practice (Haydn, Mozart, & Beethoven). Dr. Chang’s Fulbright Scholar designation and deep knowledge & expertise in these classic composers & more is one of the reasons our studio is so different from any other Chicago music studio or piano program.

Professional-Level and Highly Sought-After Consultation

Because of Dr. Chang’s extensive academic and Arts Presenting career, she brings rare industry knowledge that few people can provide. Dr. Chang offers College Admission Private Consultation where you can tap into her network of professional artists and their agents to help stand out in the pool of qualified applicants and Career Development Consultation where you can obtain strategic planning for a satisfying musical career.

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Educational Goals

Become a Complete Musician

Learning to become a complete musician is a very comprehensive endeavor involving much more than time on the bench. Music instruction utilizes piano as the main focus to develop well-rounded, joyful musicians. This goal will be accomplished through private study of the piano and experience in musicianship & performance, theory, memorization, transposition, and sight reading.

What You’ll Learn

Piano Performance Development

Though not all private piano students are required to publicly perform, a heavy focus is placed on performance development. Private piano lessons are created with a student-centered approach to meet students where they are at while also giving them with the musical nutrition necessary to develop strong skill sets.

Music Theory

Aside from scales and rhythm exercises, students taking private piano lessons at the studio are taught key parts of music theory that go beyond the basics of the instrument. Students get comprehensive abilities that allow them to “connect the dots” in terms of how music is generated, as well as the ability to compose and perform their own unique compositions and piano masterpieces on their own time.

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Ann Chang
Jacobs School of Music, DM

Ann, among many accolades, received her Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University Bloomington’s Jacobs School of Music, was appointed by the U.S. State Department as a Fulbright Scholar, was an Associate Professor of Practice (Piano) for over 24 years, and is currently faculty at the Music Institute of Chicago. Read her full bio here.

Jacobs School of Music

About the Program


Open to all ages for intermediate to advanced students. Initial interview will be used for appropriate class placement.


Private 1:1 in-studio or online


Weekly 45 or 60-minute lessons


Go beyond the basics and dive deep into theory, performance, improvisation and more.


Opportunities for studio recitals and performances


Ongoing communication and progress reports


Pricing starts as low as

$45 per lesson

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Frequently Asked Questions



Contact for pricing information. The level of study will be determined through the Free Initial session. Tuition may be paid in full in advance (10% discount), by semester (5% discount), or in 9 monthly installments (due on the first of each month). Fee starts as low as $45 per lesson

Please call or e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Chang to determine the path that best matches you or your child’s musical journey.

No student will be turned away due to financial limitations—scholarships available.

Missed Lessons

Tuition covers private lessons, planning, core curricula, enriching activities, and regular communication regarding progress. Lessons can be rescheduled only when a 24-hour notice is given, and based on availability.

Please do not send your child to lessons ill. If your child has a fever or stayed home from school due to illness, please do not send your child to lesson. One cannot learn well when ill and as a courtesy to the other students, unless your child is fever-free for 48 hours, it is in everyone’s best interests to avoid exposure to communicable disease, particularly COVID.


Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons at any time. Contact me with any questions or concerns as they arise, as this is the best way to promote positive, progressive learning and a positive student-teacher-parent relationship. When appropriate, notes will accompany mp3 files to encourage particular areas of focus for the week.


I bring over thirty-five years’ experience in private piano instruction serving students of all ages and educational levels. I hold a Doctoral degree in piano performance from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. I am a Fulbright Scholar, appointed by the U.S. State Department, specializing in Classic Performance Practice (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven) and also a member of the Music Teachers National Association.

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